WoonhuizenLife styles change. Shouldn’t your house? 

The need for a different use of living space changes as the life of the occupant(s) changes. To renovate your house is a good way to adapt to those new stages in life. 

Our design team is highly aware of this fact and together with our clients we incorporate all current wishes in our plan as well as possible future possibilities for change.
This is completely in line with our thinking that the renovation and the interior design of a house should give the occupant space and not impose any restrictions. 

We include the outside space, the garden, balcony, terrace, as an integral part of the living space. 
It’s another room without a ceiling or a roof.
It is very important to establish a transparent and logical connection between the outside and inside spaces. 

Besides the necessity of a good structure in the house, the use of materials, colors and light are of great importance. The choice of these elements is very personal. Together with our client we make sure that they are used in the proper context.